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About Icasa

The beginning of a memorable journey

About Icasa

  • Icasa Hotel Branding Story

    Start of the journey – a conversation between the past and the present

    Being the heart of the old ruling Japanese government and once nicknamed the Little Kyoto, Taichung retained the charm and logic of Imperial Japan’s impeccable city planning complete with checkerboard streets, city parks, and flowing rivers through and around the city boundary. Today, in addition to its old world charm, Taichung also vibrates with a booming cultural and economic scene, and that is why the Cosmos Hotel Group chose to launch its second hospitality endeavor here in Taichung. The Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation is created with the ease and comfort of the home in mind, enriched with uniquely local cultural characteristics. Here, you can discover infinite possibilities while collecting lasting memories for your journey.

  • About Icasa

    Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation

    Cosmos Hotel Group’s latest corporate brand, Cosmos Creation, aims to create unique, professionally managed hotels that incorporates local arts and culture. In summer of 2016, Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation was the first hotel launched under the brand name. Now in the last quarter of the 2016, Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation will be revealed to the world in Taichung’s busiest Feng-Jia commercial district. Dressed in the neutral tones of white, gray and timber in a minimalist urban style, and furnished with abundant art pieces and potted plants, Icasa Hotel is a home for the senses in the middle of a bustling city.

  • Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation – Jubby the Mascot

    Let the food-loving white heron take you on a delicious tour!

    White herons are one of the most abundant migrating bird species in the Taichung area. They stay and fish until the fall, when the cooler winds will see them flock to the south for winter. Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation has chosen this beautiful bird as its mascot. Dressed in holiday blue and white shorts and a red cap, Jubby has chosen to stay back year round. She loves good food and can be seen always with a fish hanging from her beaks. Her biggest mission is to hunt the city for the tastiest local fare!

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